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Random Ramsdom, 5/17: The lockout continues

The lockout continues...
The lockout continues...

Hope you're enjoying the lockout, because it's going be going on for a little while least. Maybe it's just the cynicism talking, but I have a hard time imagining that at least part of the 2011 NFL season won't be lost. The calculus for the whole thing has changed now. 

The players are likely to lose the appeal. That means more negotiations or a trip to see the National Labor Relations Board. Negotiations would be the preferred route, but the owners will have all of the leverage at that point. Given the rancor that's surrounded this so far, it's tough to imagine owners being willing to give much back to the players...something you need in negotiations. The NLRB route would eventually produce a new agreement, but that will take a long time. The television damages case could still flip some momentum the players' way, but an appeal to the 8th Circuit makes it a less harrowing proposition for the owners.

It's not that simple. There are lots more details to be worked out here.

Some links...

Court rules in favor of the owners; Lockout continues
The 8th Circuit Court finally weighed in on the motion for a stay pending the appeal of Judge Nelson's decision, granting the stay until the expedited appeal. It's hard not to think that the court won't rule in favor of the NFL again. If they do, I get the feeling we'll be missing some football come fall.

What if Rams already have their next guard?
Mike Sando from ESPN and Matt Williamson jump in on the Greco debate. Williamson is pretty bullish on Greco's ability to be a starting guard in the NFL. As a counterpoint, they cite Tony Softli's report saying Greco should be cut. As if the 2006 & 2007 drafts didn't already undercut Softli's opinion of Rams players, we took a look his guard notes here, with some questionable solutions on his list.

Anthony Allen wants to help remind you about the Rams backup running back situation
Former Georgia Tech RB Anthony Allen has a chip on his shoulder after being drafted in the seventh round. Allen, who the Rams had a private workout with, was eventually picked in the seventh by the Baltimore Ravens.

Pat Shurmur lives!
Former Rams OC Pat Shurmur made a public appearance in Ohio the other day. Browns WR Josh Cribbs has been studying Rams tape from last season to learn routes and more about his role...just within 6 yards of the line, Josh, and you'll be fine.