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Public Service Announcement: The St. Louis Rams are not a charity for aging receivers

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More talk about the St. Louis Rams and a old-and-in-the-way wide receiver surfaced this week. No, I'm not talking about Randy Moss. I'm talking about another receiver that once graced fantasy lineups, has since aged beyond a full-time role and is somehow seen as an answer for a receiver needy team like the Rams. Today's old fart is none other than Mr. Handgun Safety himself, Plaxico Burress.

On Thursday, ESPN's Adam Schefter tossed the Rams' name out there as a potential suitor for Plax. Recent speculation about Plax's next job has centered on the Jets, located conveniently close to Rikers Island. But Schefter said that Spagnuolo's familiarity with Burress from their time in New York together makes for some easy speculation about the Rams being a potential destination.

Listen, do me a favor, give up the idea of past-their-prime receivers being any great asset for the Rams.

Somewhere else I recently read people talking about Carolina WR Steve Smith or Santana Moss and the Rams. Smith, who'll fetch a fourth-round or possibly a third-round pick, has been injury prone in recent years, not to mention that guys whose game is built on speed tend to decline at 33. Moss is a reliable slot receiver himself, and probably the best of this 30-plus bunch. But in case you hadn't noticed, the Rams have slot receivers. As for those of you who prefer Plaxico Burress, the Rams drafted Austin Pettis to play that role.

Bringing in one of these free agents, who maybe have another year left, would only take away development time for the younger players the organization has stocked the roster with. Besides, the Rams have the experienced veteran receiver in Mark Clayton.

That's not to a free agent in the prime of his career and capable of being a team's number one receiver is off the list. A player like Sidney Rice would be a magnificent add for the Rams, but teams don't let those kind of players just walk away either.