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Looking back: The aftermath of that fateful week 17 game.

No one wants to remember that week 17 game against the Seahawks. That fateful night the Rams pain was another NFC West teams joy. The Seahawks got to shame Sam Bradford in his last game, and make the Rams look horrible on Sunday Night Football. Plus they made my first NFL game a horrible experience.

I brought this up before the Rams vs, Seahawks game, when I asked would it be good for the Rams to beat the Seahawks. I said this before and I will say it again. The Rams were a rebuilding team, who shouldn't go to the playoffs. Also I don't think the Rams would have won that game against the New Orleans Saints and I still stick by it. Because the Rams want to build through the draft. The Rams ended up getting a  top 15 pick instead of a top 20 pick. Well its been a long time coming but, now that the draft is over we can finally start to see how that one game changed the two teams. 


The Seahawks got exactly what they wanted going into the Sunday Night Football game. The Seahawks got to see what they had in Charlie Whitehurst. He didn't have a great game, but hell a win is a win. This most likely made Pete Caroll who preaches competition to not draft a new quarterback, and now it looks like Whitehurst will either start the season or get a good chance to.

After the week 17 game the Seahawks went into the playoffs as underdogs against the Saints, but they beat the Saints. The Seahawks lost to the Bears the following week, but thats further then anyone had them going in the playoffs so it was a win for them.

The Seahawks had instant satisfaction. However now it seems like Matt Hasselbeck won't resign with the Seahawks. Hell right now only a psychic could tell you who will start for the Seahawks this season.

If that wasn't bad enough the Seahawks had an average draft at best. I'm not a scout, but I haven't seen any good grades for the Seahawks. They reached for players, but hey if it fits the system why not? However to me it seemed like the Seahawks were trying to fill needs, with average talent. I mean damn when a player head coach is shocked to see a player go in the first round, thats not good. The bad thing is the two offensive linemen that the Seahawks will be the best players on their team from this draft class, in my honest opinion. Every time I look up info on this class it either says reach at the round selected or they won't be a great player.



The Rams got embarrassed week 17, and it ended horrible for the Bradford's great rookie year. Also the Rams defense didn't do anything positive in that game. Going into the draft the Rams knew that they had to get better on the defensive front and give Bradford some weapons.

The Rams did just that when they selected Robert Quinn. A top 10 talent guy that slipped to the Rams at 14. Three years from now don't be surprised if Quinn and Chris Long are among the best defensive linemen in the league. Quinn has the talent to make the Rams defense a good defense.

The Rams surprised fans by going offense the next three round in the draft. However after their last game it was common knowledge that the Rams would upgrade the offense. The Rams selected two sure handed wide receivers, who should be able to contribute in Josh Mcdaniels system. The Rams did draft TE Lance Kendricks. Kendricks was a reach, but he does give the Rams a player who can be a mismatch, and has good hands. Plus a tight end is a quarterbacks best friend.

In conclusion 

So all in all, even though the Rams lost that faithful game. It seems like they got the better end of the deal. Also the key thing to remember here is that if the Seahawks would have won they would have had a top 10 pick, and most likely would have came out with a QB and a hell of an offensive lineman. So the Seahawk fans may be able to brag about beating the Rams in week 17 and the Saints in the playoffs, but with the way these two draft classes ended the future looks brighter for the Rams.