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Caption this: All quarterbacks edition

Offseason Saturdays are hard enough, through in the lockout and you really have to stretch for a sixth day fix. 

I remember this game, this game against New Orleans last year. Actually, I was thinking about it the other day in the context of the St. Louis Rams decision to pick DE Robert Quinn. This was a classic example of how the team just couldn't get enough pressure with their front four last year against stronger offensive lines. Against Brees and the Saints, Spags and Flajole dropped the LBs and DBs into coverage for most of the game. They had to. And they were exploited for it. Hopefully that's fixed this year. 

3k and I are setting up a nice little editorial plan to recap the games from last season with an eye on 2011. We'll start rolling out that content soon with the help of some of our other front page writers.

For tonight, how about a caption contest...Brees and Bradford...have at it.