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St. Louis Rams have Sam Bradford; Rest of the NFC West has...

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The NFL Network must really be stretching for content because they've got all kind of St. Louis Rams fodder on their web site lately. Today, St. Louis gets mentioned as the envy of the NFC West as the only team to have a long-term answer at quarterback. Jealous much, NFC West?

You know the quarterback questions right now for the other three division teams, so no need to rehash it. Answers are more problematic.

Why Kevin Kolb to AZ? The Cardinals are an old team, on the precipice of rebuilding but not ready to take that plunge. A QB ready to play now would make that possibility easier. However, it's a rough place for a QB to play behind a woeful offensive line. 

Is Colin Kaepernick the future in SF? Breer seems to think so, but I have my doubts. This pick seems more about buying time and maybe hitting on the potential. 

Sticking with a plan in Seattle? With a draft so heavily focused on the offensive line, Pete Carroll does seem to be taking the classic approach to rebuilding an NFL team. Will they get by with Whitehurst or a more name brand "get-by" QB?