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Random Ramsdom, 5/13: Steven Jackson, the blitz and a top five

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Taking a look at the day's headlines for the St. Louis Rams...
Taking a look at the day's headlines for the St. Louis Rams...

The offseason is usually slowing down this time of year, sparsely populated by a few OTAs and minicamps. Not this year. The most boring offseason even continues. Here's what you need to read about the St. Louis Rams this morning, before making TST you're regular destination to kill a long, dull Friday the 13th afternoon. 

Steven Jackson still the man in St. Louis
Vic Carucci from the NFL Network says not to worry about Steven Jackson not carrying a load for the Rams this year. He also says that the Rams will add a speedy complementary back, and throws out Darren Sproles as a potential candidate.

Cedric Benson wants to get paid
Free agent RB Cedric Benson told Sirius radio yesterday that he feels like he deserves a rewarding free agent contract. He turns 29 in December. Benson's been mentioned as a possibility in St. Louis, but it seems unlikely since he wouldn't get the carries and thus the contract playing behind Steve Jackson.

Tough luck for the final eight
If the league does revert to the 2010 rules that governed free agency, the eight teams that made the playoffs would be pretty restricted by what they could do in free agency. The four teams that lost in the divisional rounds could sign a free agent at only a modest price. The four team that went on can only sign a free agent if they lose one. Hey Seattle, how's the playoff win looking now?

Beating the Blitz |
A look at QB performance when blitzed. Sam Bradford did pretty well against the blitz last year, and was attacked a ton too. In case you forgot, Bradford's a rookie. One area where his performance really stands out is his TD/INT ratio when blitzed. It's a reflection on his accuracy and his acumen for reading defenses, anticipating and time throws and ability to move outside the pocket. Imagine what he can do with better receivers and more experienced blockers.

Top five Rams quarterbacks
Football Outsiders goes back through the history of the franchise and ranks the Rams all-time top five QBs. Warner makes the list at #3. Though he had a championship and the peak of his Rams career was amazing, his time with the Rams was relatively short.