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St. Louis Rams running back situation: Reggie Bush vs. Darren Sproles

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As soon as the New Orleans Saints drafted Alabama RB Mark Ingram in the first round of the draft last month, speculation about the future of Reggie Bush became conversation fodder for every team needing offense, including the St. Louis Rams. Bush is one of several options that might or might not be available for Billy Devaney this offseason, though probably whose brand inflates his price. There's another name that's been talked about for the Rams too, one they were interested in last season: Darren Sproles. Which would be a better addition, Bush or Sproles?

Reggie Bush
Age: 26

Recent performance: Bush's total touches declined substantially with the Saints last season. His rushing attempts were cut in half, as Sean Payton turned to other options on the ground. Bush carried the ball 36 times for 150 yards and an average of 4.2 YPC. As a receiver he caught 34 passes for 208 yards, an average of 6.1 yards per catch and 1 TD, all three-year lows for Bush. However, it hardly seems like Bush's ability is in decline. The Saints just didn't make it a priority to get him the ball last year. 

A fit for the Rams: Oh yeah. Can you imagine him as a weapon in the passing game, a bond fide weapon for Sam Bradford to target? As far as a backup running back, the Rams would still need another option to work between the tackles if Steven Jackson was out for any period of time. Playing in the Dome would be a good fit. 

Price: Bush is on the chopping block now because he's due more than $11 million. Like I said above, there would definitely be an extra premium for the brand name. 

Darren Sproles
Age: 28 (turns 28 in June)

Recent Performance: Sproles rushed 50 times for an average of 5.3 YPC. That represents a decline in rushing attempts, but an increased effectiveness. He did see an uptick in targets, catching 59 passes for 520 yards and 2 TDs. Sproles lacks the pizazz and the brand name, but he has some miles left on his tires to be sure. As a return man, he was just as effective. 

A fit for the Rams: Definitely. In fact, NFL Network's Michael Lombardi offered some speculation on Tuesday that St. Louis might be the free agent's eventual landing spot.

Price: He'd cost, but not as much as Bush...he's also probably not as dynamic. 

Depending on what they want to pay, and the tolerance for distractions, either one could play a role in McDaniels' spread offense. As far as backing up Jackson, is 30-50 carries enough? It would seem like they'll still need a guy, Toston?, to do some work on first and second downs. And like we've said before, Steven Jackson's a pretty damn good receiver.