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What we learned about the Rams: Draft Edition

It's been a couple of weeks since the draft, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one surprised by it. Did the Rams address their primary needs? Probably not, but this draft has the potential  to be a very solid draft class. We don't know how much impact our rookies will have next season, but the future could be bright with this class, especially with the offensive players the Rams drafted. 

Since I try not to grade draft picks, I decided to do something close to what 3k did with his Rams 2011 draft statement. So after the jump, lets look at what we learned about our t. Louis Rams.

BPA is more important than need.

The front office said that the above statement was true, but I'm sure no one knew they would take it as extreme as they did. It seemed like almost every round, there was a good player that would have fit a need for the Rams. I don't have a problem with going for a TE in the second round, but they chose to go TE over DT when Terrell McClain and Marvin Austin were still on the board. Then there was the fact that the Rams went wide receiver in the third and fourth round.

Then the Rams decided to pick BPA projects, like they did the last couple of drafts. Maybe one of the defenders can become useful this season. It would be a long shot to say that any of these players will be starters next season. The best the Rams should hopeful, is for them to be as useful as George Selvie

The Rams got more talent on offense.

No one knows how big of an factor these rookies will have next season, but I would be surprised if our offense doesn't have more oomph to it this season. The Rams devoted their 2nd 3rd and 4th round picks, to give Bradford more options out there. This was the first draft since Donnie Avery was drafted, that the Rams decided to upgrade their offensive skill positions.

I know that just because they were drafted high, doesn't mean they will be good players. However it is about time that the Rams didn't get a teams throwaway players and try to turn them into stars. Of course players like Brandon Gibson  and Danny Amendola have been doing okay, but the Rams were going to have to upgrade that position sooner than later.

The Rams defense is ahead of their offense.

This shouldn't come to a surprise to any Ram fan, or anyone who has watched a Rams game. The Rams defense might not have been the best last season, but it was light years ahead of the Rams offense. The Rams defense under Spags love and care has steadily improved, adding Quinn and the other defenders in the draft should give the Rams some athleticism. That should come in handy next season. I wouldn't argue that the Rams need help on defense, but I would argue with anyone, that our offense didn't need a heavy improvement.

The Rams don't consider a backup running back high priority. 

There were many chances in the draft, were the Rams could have gave the Rams a good backup for Steven Jackson. Although a backup running back shouldn't be high on any team wish list, after getting Steven Jackson pounded into the ground, with all his carries. You would think that the Rams would get a young stud to carry the load, and maybe  step in just in case he gets an injury.

The Rams could be betting on a few things though. They could still add an undrafted free agent running back. There is also the free agency route, but how much would the Rams be willing to pay a player, who would most likely not get more than 8 carries a game? Then there is the option that no one besides Tevin thinks about, a young running back named Keith Toston. who the Rams were high on last season.

It's going to be up to Sam Bradford to win games for the Rams next season.

Yes I am talking about the man who lead the Rams to a six game improvement, it will be up to him again. The way that the Rams have been built so far this season, the Rams defense should be able to keep most teams south of 21. It will be up to Bradford to get us to 21 points or over, for the Rams to get into the playoffs.

The road doesn't look easy for the Rams, but hell who would have thought at this time last year, the Rams would be 7-9. The Rams gave Bradford some new toys, and a new book to study. That's not the only reason I am saying it's up to Bradford this season. Right now it seems like the Rams don't have play makers again this season. By play makers I mean someone who can give us a touchdown on either side of the ball.

So how many games will the Rams win? Well I'll get back to you on that.