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Rodger Saffold working out with Cam Newton, others during the lockout

The NFL lockout makes strange bedfellows. Dispersed by the owners' decision to close down operations, players have had to find ways to stay busy in a more, um, restrictive offseason. Some have been less productive than others, some have been part of massive team workouts. Players from the St. Louis Rams have worked together in position groups and trained on their own. Rodger Saffold is now one of those players training on his own time, down in Florida with the like of Cam Newton and Josh Freeman

Saffold is working hard, doing the things you would expect a professional athlete to be doing at a time like this. In the same piece, Jason LaCanfora talks to Saffold about the lockout. 

We were happy with our success last year, but we knew we could be better. The lockout is definitely a disadvantage, but it's a disadvantage for everybody. Until it's settled, we need to make sure we're capitalizing on everything we possibly can. 

Translation: we know the lockout is going to screw a young team like the Rams, but there's a lot of other teams getting screwed by it too. 

In fact, there's no shortage of people getting screwed by the lockout.