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St. Louis Rams rookie jersey numbers announced

The St. Louis Rams 2011 draft class now have uniform numbers. Of course, they can't pick up a jersey or any other piece of team equipment that has those numbers on them because of the lockout. Details, details. Here are the new uniform numbers for all eight players.

  • DE Robert Quinn - 94
  • TE Lance Kendricks - 88
  • WR Austin Pettis - 83
  • WR Greg Salas - 87
  • S Jermale Hines - 21
  • CB Mikail Baker - 41
  • LB Jabara Williams - 52
  • S Jonathan Nelson - 26

Biggest shoes to fill: Jermale Hines inherits Oshiomogho Atogwe's old uniform number. Atogwe, a team captain, left for Washington in free agency this year after the Rams declined to pick up an pricey contract. Spagnuolo's defenses are known for not over-valuing safeties. Surely giving a fifth-round pick Atogwe's old number isn't any sort of statement?

Avoid the last guy's fate: Nelson has Tye Hill's old number. Fortunately, he doesn't have very far to go to contribute more than Hill did during his time with the Rams. 

More on the new numbers at the official site