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2011 mock draft nails the St. Louis Rams first-round pick...a year ago

Digging back through year-old mock drafts makes for some good sport. Rarely do they nail much of anything, which isn't a fault per se. Twelve months changes many things. Sometimes. A 2011 NFL mock draft that came out immediately following the 2010 NFL Draft sunk a hole-in-one with the St. Louis Rams' first round pick this year. 

Andrew Perloff at put out his first 2011 mock draft on April 28, 2010. He had the Rams picking third overall, and taking none other than DE Robert Quinn from North Carolina. That Quinn was a considered a top five pick from April 2010 right up through the draft this year is a testament to what a great player he is and how good his 2009 season was. Here's his take on Quinn at the time:

Some see Quinn as the second-coming of Julius Peppers. Overcoming an operation on a brain tumor in high school shows incredible character, but could also make some teams nervous. Not so the Rams.

Of course, the Rams didn't pick third, and Quinn's fall in the draft happened for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was a run on quarterbacks. 

Some other things that stand out about the mock:

  • Ryan Mallett first overall...whoops.
  • Julio Jones was mocked sixth to the Browns. Pretty close, kind of. 
  • DeMarco Murray in the first? New Orleans did go with a running back though. 
  • He had the 49ers winning the NFC West.