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Random Ramsdom, 5/11: Looking ahead...

How will the St. Louis Rams recent draft picks fit into the system?
How will the St. Louis Rams recent draft picks fit into the system?

Today's a big day for St. Louis Rams fans. This afternoon, 3k drops his massive 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and let me tell you it's a doozy. In the meantime, we've got some space to fill, and what better way to kick off a day than with a look at all the headlines.


Finding the Fits -- Defensive Ends
More on player fits from Rang, he's really high on Robert Quinn landing with the Rams. "Playing opposite a strong, stout defender like former No. 2 overall pick Chris Long, Quinn's speed should give the Rams' otherwise aging defensive line some real playmaking potential. Quinn is already being viewed by some as a Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate."

Finding the Fits -- Rookie impact TEs
Rob Rang takes a look at the 2011 draft picks that should have some immediate impact for their new teams. Turning his lens on the tight ends, he says this about the Rams' second-round pick, Lance Kendricks: "he is a matchup nightmare with the reliable hands to take advantage of Sam Bradford's accuracy down the seam."

The biggest competition the Ed Jones Dome has ever seen
Here's an example of the kind of money to be made by owning your own stadium in the NFL: hosting the Lego League World Festival. Nerds from around the world gathered in St. Louis for the "Olympics of Robotics."

On the potential for new free agency rules
Andrew Brandt at the National Football Post reviews the possibility of the NFL moving away from the 2010 rules in the event the lockout is lifted. There's a possibility of the league changing the restricted free agent rules to avoid more collusion charges, which is sort of ridiculous since the NFLPA agreed to those rules in the old CBA and signing RFAs is prohibitive in an era where draft picks are so highly valued. At any rate, potential rule changes could expand the free agent market.

If Bush wants out of New Orleans...
If Reggie Bush wants out of New Orleans, he has an easy option at his disposal to make that happen.

2012 NFL Mock Draft
Something to whet your appetite for 3k's mother of all mock drafts later's a 2012 mock from Walter Football that has the Rams picking another UNC player in the first round. Is UNC the OSU for the Rams?