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Let's go to the tape: Robert Quinn

Needing something to fill the void that doesn't get you depressed? How about a closer look at the St. Louis Rams firt round pick DE Robert Quinn? That should be just the tonic for any lockout induced malady, Zoloft courtesy of YouTube. 

TST's own Infemous posted a heavy dose of tape on Robert Quinn, more than enough to get you excited about just how lethal the Rams pass rush could be this season. Two video clips are of particular interest. The first one features Quinn battling with his fellow 2011 first-round pick, Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo. The second clip has Quinn terrorizing the Virginia offense. Both clips are from 2009, obviously. 

On the second snap in this video, Quinn uses his rip move and speed to get around Castonzo from the outside. Something else you see again and again in this video is his strength. It's difficult for Castonzo or other blockers to push him out of the play. There's a run play where Quinn's in the scrum that stops it short, despite being firmly in the grasp of a blocker. That's not to say you won't see Quinn win every battle. You certainly don't do that here. What you do see over and over again is the explosiveness and power that made him a player the Rams couldn't let slide in the draft last month. 

Right off the bat, you see something in this video that we talked about on Turf Show Radio last week: Quinn's ability to close off his side of the field. He beats his man, quickly, and comes in to stop the Cavs' QB on a roll out. Time and again last year the Rams got burned when QBs rolled outside the pocket. He even comes back up to make the tackle after first contact. 

Thanks to Infemous for the fanpost and thanks to Aaron at for two clips featured above.