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Random Ramsdom, 5/10: Let's talk about Sam Bradford

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A look at the day's St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines.
A look at the day's St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines.

Is today the day that the 8th Circuit Court hands down a ruling on a stay of Judge Nelson's injunction? Who knows. As to why the three judge panel has yet to rule, the most likely reasons would be either a full docket or an intense deliberation. Or it could be none of those things. Let's get back to the St. Louis Rams.


Going Deep
Pro Football Focus' Khaled Elsayed sifts through the deep pass numbers to find the NFL's best and worst long ball QB's in 2010. Rams' QB Sam Bradford completed 13 of 40 deep attempts (20+ yards). His 32.50 completion percentage on those was middle of the pack. In terms of the percentage of deep balls, nobody threw fewer. Just 6.78 percent of Bradford's throws were deep. More on this later...

Were Rams drafting for needs, or to fit a new scheme?
The PD sports writers discuss the Rams' draft results. Most seem to agree that regardless of scheme or draft board, the Rams need to score points, hence their 2011 NFL draft selections.

The Ideal Prospect Series: Quarterback
A profile on Sam Bradford. Not really, but when you read through the ideal traits for a QB prospect, it's obvious why the Rams had to pick Bradford first overall in the draft last year.

To stay or not to stay
Andrew Brandt takes a look at the arguments behind the motion for a stay, the potential delays and the potential outcomes. He even offers a prediction.

Players, critics way off mark targeting Goodell 
I don't disagree with the fact that Roger Goodell didn't start this lockout, but as the ambassador for the game, he's completely failed.

The NHL weighs in
The NHL filed a brief in support of the NFL's position in the current antitrust suit. Maybe the NHL is trying to convince them that "national" television deals on the Vs. Network are just fine. No, in all seriousness, pro sports leagues have a vested interest in seeing the NHL win this case for fairly obvious reasons.