AmpLified Draft Reaction

The Christmas of Sports has come and gone in 2011 this weekend and, if for a moment, football was back in action for three crazy nights. Billy D, Spagso, and JMac took their shots and never looked back....running back. But is that such a bad thing? I don't know. Did I want Mikel Leshoure at 47? Yes...

At the same time, after Lance Kendricks was picked, I couldn't help remembering how Scott Linehan(??!!!! of all people) dealt the Rammers their harshest ass-thrashing last year in Detriot by working the 2 TE set to perfection. I remember Megatron going vert in the corners of the endzone and thinking, "My Lanta! If the Lions could consistently perform this style of offense week in and week out, it could be unstoppable! I wonder why other teams aren't doing this?" Then, my coach buddy called me and said, "Someone else is. The Pats. Watch them." No. I thought. I fucking hate the Pats. I don't care how awesome they are. And I didn't. After these last few days I wish I and a lot of other Rams fans did. Maybe we wouldn't be so upset initially if we actually knew what exactly JMac was going to do.

To save a very boring read, I will keep it simple. The players chosen for this particular style JMac wants to employ are perfect because instead of going for homeruns and succeeding SOME times, the Rams are going to hit doubles, take extra bases and score MOST times. I think our drive charts (yardage wise) are going to look a lot like this during next year : 12, 8, 4, 14, 6, 2, 7, 8, 9 TD.

We can talk all we want about individuals and reaches and values and nad-length and positions and schools, but, I have an overwhelmingly positive feeling about our outlook and direction as a growing offense.

We got solid guys who were winners and productive players from solid schools. AND THEY CAN CATCH THE DAMN BALL!

Spags is a great defensive coach who was finally given a gem and will polish all the other pieces of coal into diamonds like he always does.

We haven't even touched free agency and we are already a better team than last year. Be patient. Keep the faith and, at the very least, give this regime the benefit of the doubt until the whole offseason plays out.

I loved this draft.