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St. Louis Rams Top 10 Draft Busts: #6 - Third round, 2006 NFL Draft

There's a special place in Hell for those responsible for the St. Louis Rams' 2006 draft class. It was spectacularly bad, from top to bottom. Failed first round picks aren't all that special for the Rams of the last decade. Third round picks that don't pan out rarely merit a mention other than it deprives a team of essential depth. But the third round of the 2006 was a special one for the Rams. Call it the "character counts" round. 

Through various circumstances the Rams had three picks in the third round that year. Collectively, the three players picked played 43 total games for the Rams. None of them spent more than two seasons on the Rams roster, and none of the three ever started a single game for the Rams. So who was these infamous trio?

DT Claude Wroten  - Wroten was locker room poison. The only thing you ever heard about the guy was how bad his attitude was and how detrimental it was on the rest of the demoralized team. He was suspended for four games in 2007 for violating the substance abuse policy. Finally, his third violation got him forever banned from the Rams roster. He hasn't played in the league since 2007. 

LB Jon Alston - Alston is the exception here just because he didn't have a character issue. Alston was the classic workout warrior, a guy whose physical performance got him picked in the third round. He had two special teams tackles for the Rams in his rookie year, and was cut during the 2007 offseason. He is still bouncing around the league as a bit player.

TE Dominique Byrd - Another guy who might be best described as a locker room cancer. Byrd never lived up to the ability he showed when the Rams drafted him, and didn't ever seem to be too concerned about it. He's till trying to get a shot in the league, but hasn't played a down since 2007. 

It's a good reminder of why the Devaney regime places so much emphasis on character of the players they draft. 

Take a look back at the third round of the 2006 draft. It's not exactly stocked with Pro Bowl players. However, when you have three picks in that round, they have to at least grow into serviceable depth players, the guys that can get a team through injuries over the course of a season. That wasn't the case for the Rams, and team is still looking for depth in wake of the 2006 disaster draft. 

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