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Turf Show Times Community Mock Draft: Signup

It's that time of year's getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the NFL Draft is approaching fast. Since Judge Susan Nelson ordered both the NFL and the fake-NFLPA (since it really doesn't exist anymore) to stay quite about the battle being waged between suits, there is seemingly only one topic that we can talk about with any sort of finality; the draft.

And since people love mock drafts, the only thing better then reading about one is participating in one. Right? If you hit the jump, you'll see the draft order teams. Sign up in the comments, and I'll put your name next to the team you want. Also, what do you think about trades? On one point, it's fun to go for it, but on the other, it can get out of hand sometimes...So I'll leave that up to everyone to decide.

# Team Representative
1 Carolina beer me
2 Denver ClaytonW
3 Buffalo ram_rod
4 Cincinnati RG31
5 Arizona chndlr54
6 Cleveland T.Ram
7 San Fran. caliramsfan1
8 Tennessee Habte E
9 Dallas CaliRamMan
10 Washington ramintheUK
11 Houston rickforking
12 Minnesota Brick Top
13 Detroit 3k
14 St. Louis crashoveride01
15 Miami JordansDad
16 Jacksonville stgeorgie
17 New England Abrantes
18 San Diego weezul12
19 New York (G) dbcouver
20 Tampa Bay DekaJ
21 Kansas City DMan83
22 Indianapolis CBPodge
23 Philadelphia mooseknuckles41
24 New Orleans MidasKnight
25 Seattle sergey606
26 Baltimore T.ram
27 Atlanta StopSpe
28 New England Abrantes
29 Chicago Rams_4_ever
30 New York (J)
31 Pittsburgh
32 Green Bay Infemous

also, when you have signed up, (and it is your turn) you can email me your pick (with some rational as to why you made the pick) to enagel(at)zagmail(dot)gonzaga(dot)edu

(I'm not in the mood for any Ed Hardy deals today, thank you very much)

UPDATE 2: I suppose trades are a go then. If you have a pick and selected no in the poll, I suppose just don't trade.