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Rams unofficial offseason workouts happening in Houston?

Last week, St. Louis Rams offensive lineman Adam Goldberg told 101 ESPN that QB Sam Bradford and the Rams receivers were already doing some unofficial practicing. Bradford had said earlier in the offseason that he planned to do just that in the event of a lockout. However, Goldberg's remark was the first there was any public mention of those workouts actually happening...until today. 

Goldberg said that practice was happening somewhere "down South." Today we have our first piece of circumstantial evidence that it's happening in Houston, TX. Here's Mark Clayton, the Rams' free agent receiver that was thiiiiis close to re-signing with the Rams before the lockout ended any and all contract movement:

Based on the context of Clayton's tweet, sent to Rams TE Fendi Onobun, I'm assuming he means "down" rather than "done." We're also making a little bit of a leap here to assume Clayton and Onobun are talking about getting together as Rams receivers with their QB to practice in Houston...maybe it's just a BBQ.

Onobun and Donnie Avery both have ties to Houston, having each played their college ball there. Danny Amendola and Danario Alexander are both from Texas, and Sam Bradford is from Oklahoma, which is virtually the same as Texas to people who don't live in either state (just kidding, to our TX and OK friends). 

So, maybe it is just a BBQ. But if it looks like a duck...quacks like a duck...