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My "mancrush" Players For the Draft.

What's up TST? I'm an official Turf Show Times writer now, and I'm happy to be able to contribute to the front page here. Most of you know that visit here probably know who I am, but in case you don't, I'm buckeyefan55, and I am a huge rams fan (I know it's hard to believe). In case you were wondering what a "mancrush" is, here is a definition from urban dictionary :


"An intense infatuation of one straight man for another. Example: Dave really likes Kobe Bryant. He has a  total mancrush on him...even though he's 100% straight."

Breakdown of my mancrush players after the jump.

First mancrush: Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech : He is a flat out player. I know there some injury concerns, but if we can get him in round 2 (if we trade down) or in round 3 (if we stay put) he would be an absolute steal. Highlight of Williams here.

Second mancrush: Jaiquawn Jarrett, S, Temple: We need a playmaking because of the departure of OJ Atogwe,  and I would be perfectly happy filling that void with Jarrett. He's a big hitter that would bring some tenacity to our defense. Highlight of Jarrett here.

Third mancrush: Marvin Austin, DT, UNC: If he is our second round pick, I would be ecstatic. Before the season, he was considered a top 10 pick. He didn't play this season due to some issues that pretty much all of UNC's team had to deal with. Just read this scouting report and tell me that you don't want him on the rams. S-T-E-A-L.

There are more, and if the response to this post is mostly positive, I'll post a few more of my mancrush players. Who are yours?