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TST welcomes a new member of the family

The NFL may have slowed to a crawl thanks to the lockout, but things are happening here at Turf Show Times. We pride ourselves on being the internet's premier community for St. Louis Rams fans, a place offering intelligent discussion and insight into the team we follow through thick and thin...and it's been mostly thin for a long time. 

I also want to note that we're growing here at TST. We're growing in all aspects. In February we had the chance to attend the NFL Combine, getting some face time with potential Rams draft picks and asking questions directly of Billy Devaney, Pat Shurmur. We're expanding into social media platforms, Podcasting, and getting our work out there on places like Yahoo Sports, CBS, and the rapidly expanding national and regional SBN network. 

And you may have noticed, we're also ramping up our content. 3k and I have been busting this out for a long time. VT and ram_rod and T.Ram are in the family too. And I can't thank them enough for all they do.

Tonight, I want to welcome another contributor to the fold. Many of you know buckeyefan55 for the great fanposts he's been putting out there lately around the draft. He led the way representing the Rams in the draft over at MtD recently. buckeyefan55's first post will be live in the morning and coming at you regularly each Thursday and Sunday morning. 

So please join me in welcoming buckeyefan55 to the TST fold.