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Around the League: 4/4/2011

Some guy talks about something vaguely related to football...somewhat like this post.
Some guy talks about something vaguely related to football...somewhat like this post.

I thought I'd pass along a few things I've noticed in the apocalyptic lockout world we live in today. It should help you pass the time on this Monday afternoon, because medical studies have proven that TST is directly correlated to happiness and can in extreme cases cure cancer*.


  • In case you didn't notice, Sam Bradford was annihilated in the "sweet sixteen" of the Madden Cover tournament. Aaron Rodgers will be going up against #4 seed Danny Woodhead (why they didn't pick current MVP Tom Brady as the Patriots representative is beyond me). If you are one of the few people who'd like to see a defensive player grace the cover, you'd better hope PETA comes out in droves for this round.
  • John Clayton's mailbag also shows some interesting insight, not only for a former Rams player (who is expected to be signed by a division rival), but also some disheartening news regarding the lockout. If you hit the jump, not only will you show TST your love, but you'll also be treated to finding out who this mystery man is. Like you didn't know already...

That's right people, Marc Bulger is coming to a TV near you in the 2011 2012 season (you see how I didn't give you a link until you clicked on the jump? sneaaaky). Not only that, but it appears that the Cardinals might not be even looking for a QB in the first few rounds, in accordance with Coach Ken Whisenhunt's "no offense" strategy:

Q: Should the Cardinals sign Marc Bulger and draft a quarterback in the second round?

A: I do believe their plan is to sign Bulger once that is allowed, but I'm not sold Ken Whisenhunt would use a first- or a second-round choice on a quarterback

As for the labor news, the players were trying to meet  with the owners for some of last week (something the owners completely deny) and this week to try and resolve this whole "work stoppage" thing, but the owners balked at the idea because the union was still certified. Quick tip: When your defense against a decertification is saying it's a sham, telling the opposing party to turn it into a sham to resolve said conflict isn't the way to fix said conflict. I wonder if this will factor into the lockout scoreboard?

  • Not only is the lockout confusing fans, it also appears to be confusing players. The older, wiser, Mike Vrabel was arrested for felony theft, while the younger, more foolish, Raider, Louis Murphy was arrested for not having a valid prescription for Viagra. I feel as though those two should be flipped. Murphy said he didn't want his girlfriend to find out he had them. What a softy.
  • If you haven't looked at QB Colin Kaepernick, maybe you should. Part John Elway, part Michael Vick, part Tim Tebow. Guess which part has instilled troubling throwing mechanics. Tough one, right?
  • Finally, let us Rams fans all be thankful this man is not the owner of the team.

*these claims are not proven to be scientifically accurate.