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Best of TST: Mar. 28-Apr. 3

From the front page authors

- My Turf Show Radio solo act went pretty well, thanks to to Drew from SB Nation's Boise St. community, One Bronco Nation Under God, for cluing me in on their prospects and a trio of TSTers calling in.

- Van re-examined the dominant theme since the Week 17 loss in Seattle: what is the WR corps going to look like in 2012?

- Back in February, Rams GM Billy Devaney mentioned he drools; more specifically, he's been drooling over a defensive back in this year's draft. A month after the drooling floodgates opened, we're still left wondering who. Could it be Aaron Williams or Curtis Brown, Texas' pair of draft-bound CBs?

- When you have a team that has undergone as much key rebuilding as the Rams have, you're going to have to rely on your younger stars to get the team over the hump. Who's going to lead the charge in 2012?

- Once upon a time, Turf Show Times was just an abandoned warehouse, a wasteland rife with pestilence and...yeah, we gots history, but it's only relevant because of you, the TST community.

- Does the Rams' recent history with pro days and workouts portend similar results in this year's draft? Mebbe, mebbenotsomuch.

From the community

- WHY DECERTIFY - All You Wanted To Know About The Lockout And CBA, But Were Afraid To Ask (viguy007): Yes, it's biased, and yes, it's from a Jets fan who is posting this all over SB Nation. It's still worth reading though.

- The rams biggest priority should be build a elite defense. (joemammaz): Here's a great example of how you ruin a great idea for a FanPost. First, write a decently long post without a single paragraph break. Then, insult every single person who disagrees with you, and act an ass clown. I'm not deleting the comment so everyone can see what not to do. Sad, really.

- Planning a 2011 Rams draft with the 2012 draft in mind (RamintheUK): On the other hand, you can disagree with someone and not be the Duke of Douche. I am completely against allowing future draft classes to impact how you approach a current draft, but that's me. It's still a cogent argument and a damn good post.

Lastly, check out the results of the Mocking the Draft live draft courtesy of mock GM buckeyefan55. The live thread here at TST was a great read as things unfolded throughout the weekends. Props to buckeye, RamintheUK and dbcouver for repping TST and putting together a solid draft class.

Keep your eyes and ears open this week, peoples. There's a certain lawsuit coming up, April 6, draft season is in full swing, and who knows what you guys will throw out this week. I'll have the recap of Turf Show Radio up later today.