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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jones back in the picture for the Rams

A new 2011 NFL mock draft has a familiar face at #14 for the St. Louis Rams. Alabama WR Julio Jones has been a top 10 pick in most mock drafts since his stellar Combine performance on a fractured foot. Today's mock from SBN puts Jones back at #14, after mocking Missouri DE Aldon Smith there the last time around

What changed this time? Washington went with Cal DE Cameron Jordan in this version addressing the defense (I still think Locker is their pick). Da'Quan Bowers' uninspired pro day is reflected in this mock; he slipped to 12th after being pick #3 in the last one. 

Back to the Rams. If the real 2011 NFL Draft were to shake out like this one does through the first 13 picks, I'd have a real hard time with something. Sure, Jones is on the board, and I'd love to see the Rams get a player like that. However, North Carolina DE Robert Quinn is also on the board in this mock (he gets picked at #15). I would hate to see the Rams pass up a player like Quinn. Hate it. 

I'm shocked to see Aldon Smith get picked (at #11) before Quinn. Is the agent scandal that big of a deal for Quinn? I'd be more worried about the brain tumor he had removed than agent issues.