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Bradford and Rams receivers practicing despite lockout

St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford and some of his wide receivers have been unofficially practicing recently, according to Rams OG Adam Goldberg. The Rams' NFLPA representative revealed that to Brian Stull during an appearance on 101 ESPN this weekend. 

Bradford said weeks ago that he intended to get together with the Rams receivers for some unofficial practice sessions should the NFL Lockout prevent them from going through any work at Rams Park with the coaches. The lockout happened. They're practicing "down south" somewhere, probably Oklahoma or Texas. 

As to what they're practicing remains to be seen. Technically, they're not supposed to have copies of Josh McDaniels' new playbook, if he has a new playbook yet as the Rams offensive coordinator. At the very least Bradford and the receivers can practice timing and rhythm, though it would be awfully shocking to think that the coaches didn't at least give them something to shape their unofficial practices, some film or something like that. There's also been talk that McDaniels' brother Ben, his QB coach in Denver, could be working with them, since he's not a Rams employee, though that has never been confirmed.

Goldberg also told Stull that the Rams offensive linemen workout together three times a week in St. Louis. 

One potential problem with these workouts: teams aren't liable for injuries sustained during the lockout.