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2011 NFL Draft: Day three open thread #4

The 2011 NFL Draft is finally in the final frame. Armchair draft experts are exhausted, ready to leave their mother's basement and excited to look at something on YouTube long enough to anoint themselves an expert at something else. 

I kid. 

Have at it. The Rams pick at 13, 25 & 26 in the seventh round.


Rd (pick) Name Pos School
1 (14) Robert Quinn DE N. Carolina
2 (15) Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin
3 (14) Austin Pettis WR Boise St.
4 (15) Greg Salas WR Hawaii
5 (27) Jermale Hines SS
Ohio St.
7 (13) Mikail Baker CB
7 (25) Jabara Williams OLB
Stephen F. Austin
7 (26) Jonathan Nelson DB