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Jacquizz Rodgers is still available; should the Rams take him?

The St. Louis Rams desperately need another running back, and Oregon State RB Jacquizz Rodgers is still available. Should they take a chance on the speedy former Beaver?

Rodgers doesn't have the top end speed of a player like Taiwan Jones. Quickness is his game. His elusiveness on the field keeps defenders missing when they try to bring him down. He has a natural burst through the hole. Rodgers also excels as a receiver, and shines on screen passes. 

Rodgers lacks the size to be a full-time running back, the kind of guy who gets 20 carries each week. He would be a nice complement to Rams' RB Steven Jackson, and another former Oregon State product. 

That Rodgers is still out there in the fifth round probably speaks to the concerns teams have about his durability, as well as the vast array of similar running backs on the board today. If he makes it the Rams, they should consider it. 

[Note by VanRam, 04/30/11 2:25 PM EDT ] Nevermind. The Rams traded their fifth round pick to the Falcons for Rodgers. The Rams receive Atlanta's fifth round pick (#158) and a seventh, giving the Rams three seventh round picks.