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2011 NFL Draft: Best players available for the Rams

The fifth round of the NFL draft is moving right along. Though the St. Louis Rams have made some surprise picks and addressed the need for playmakers on offense, they have needs left to fill. Fortunately for the Rams, there are still some talented players available at positions of need.

Another Ohio State LB could be in the mix. OSU's Ross Homan profiles well as a weakside linebacker based on his speed and ability in coverage...and his OSU pedigree. Greg Jones is still on the board as a I type this, but Homan is probably a better fit. 

Nebraska OL Richard Henry could be a fit for the Rams interior line. Fresno State's Andrew Jackson and Auburn's Lee Ziebma are still out there as well.

At running back, Anthony Allen, who the Rams looked at, along with Noel Devine, Jacquizz Rodger, Derrick Locke, Jordan Toddman, Graig Cooper and John Clay. 

Amhad Black and DeAndre McDaniel are still out there at safety as well.