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2011 NFL Draft Best Players Available: Who is there for the Rams on day three

Not satisfied with the St. Louis Rams draft results from the first two days? Unrequited love for some of the players and positions still available in the draft? Fortunately for you, a harem of football talent is still on the board, ready for the Rams to grab the best players available and try to finish filling some of those gaping needs on the roster.

So, who are the best players available for the Rams on day three? A quick round up of players we'd like to see on the Rams...all of whom will be glossed over for even bigger surprise picks. Consider this less an exercise in prediction than wishful thinking.

Running backs
A veritable treasure chest of player still available here, as surprise picks and declining value of the position shape the draft. 

Kendall Hunter - I can't believe he's still available. I had this guy in the second round, the next Ray Rice. I'd love to see the Rams draft him if he falls to them in the fourth round. He won't.

Jamie Harper - Profiles as a stout, up-the-middle kind of player, he might be the best back left on the board at this point. He's fast enough to be a threat outside and catches passes pretty well too. The Rams had him in for a pre-draft visit. 

Taiwan Jones - Maybe the most explosive player left on the board. His speed makes him a difference maker, but his health concerns make him a red flag. 

Jacquizz Rogers - Shifty and quick, he's probably a guy whose draft stock took a hit thanks to the new kick return rules. Might be too small for the NFL.

Jordan Toddman - Physical with good technique, but questions about his size. Versatile enough to give an offense a variety of options. 

Outside linebacker
In case you forgot, the Rams really, really need an outside linebacker. I still think this is best filled when free agency finally opens...if it does. The Rams traditionally don't put high value on LBs in the early rounds, thinking they can find mailable talent late in the draft. 

Quan Sturdivant - Another UNC product and the best of the non-suspended defenders. He's athletic and in need of a good coaching staff. 

Greg Jones - Had the numbers at Michigan State, and looks like he could be a solid outside linebacker in the NFL. 

Nick Bellore - Another high character guy the Rams have shown interest in through the pre-draft process. Has the coverage skills the Rams could use in an OLB.

Offensive Guard
Definitely some talent still on the board here, and the late rounds is traditionally where solid interior linemen can be had.

Marcus Cannon - A medical slider thanks to his lymphoma, but he's undergoing treatment and should be ready to roll in August. 

Clint Boling - Hard-working and nasty in his blocks. He could be off the board before it gets to the Rams. If he's not, they'd have to consider him.

DeMarcus Love - Stellar college offensive tackle, his looks like a guard at the NFL level, lacking the kind of athletic talent needed on the outside in the pros. Inside he could be a real force. 

In case you forgot, the Rams need a safety. It's not a position highly valued by Spagnuolo. 

Quinton Carter - The Oklahoma safety was once consider the second best in the draft, and he still might be considering how few safeties came off the board. He's a good tackler who can play zone coverage.

DeAndre McDaniel - Excellent instincts and a nose for the ball, he lacks the true centerfield ability of Atogwe. But, the Rams didn't really value that, so he could be a fit in their interchangeable safety philosophy. 

Robert Sands - A giant at 6'4" he might be more of a linebacker. Would he be enough of an upgrade at SS?

Tyler Sash - Iowa produces NFL-ready defensive backs, ask Bradley Fletcher. Very good nose for the game.