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Ram players who could be on the NFL's top 100 list.

Wow, what a draft huh? The draft is now over, and now we have to wait until next week to see what will happen to the lockout. So while everyone takes a deep breath, and wonder about the players the Rams picked. I decided to throw together a list of St. Louis Rams who could end up on the NFL's top 100 list. To be honest I would be surprised if more than two players appears on this list.

Okay so if you don't have NFL Network I'm pretty sure you don't know what I'm talking about. NFL Network had current players in the NFL, vote on who are the best 100 players currently in the league. This program will start airing at 8PM ET on NFL Network.There wasn't a criteria for the picks and only 3 or 4 rookies made the list, none of whom are on the Rams roster. So after the jump I will tell you the players who should be on the list.

Chris Long

Long has been the best pass rusher on the Rams for a couple seasons now.  He really came into his own last season. Hell I admit he surprised me, he makes the other defensive lineman better. Long didn't have double digit sacks, but he was tied 6th last season in  Quarterback hits

I wouldn't be surprised not to see him on the list, because he doesn't have the best stats. However, teams had a hard time blocking him one on one last season so he might sneak in the list.


Ron Bartell

Bartell is the best defensive back on the Rams. You know you are a great defender when a great player like Larry Fitzgerald says it. He plays injured, and he is good against the run. The stats say that he is as close to a shutdown corner, as it can get.

Why he probably won't be on the list is because, he just drops too many interceptions. If he would have got the interceptions, he would most likely be on the list.

Steven Jackson

Yeah, Steven Jackson is on the list. For the last five years he has been a top 5 running back. Jackson runs hard and has good hands. He is a great workhorse and every down back.


Players who could be on the list next season.

James Laurinaitis

There are a lot of rush linebackers that will get picked over him, but next season if his stats get better, he will be on the list.

Rodger Saffold

He is young. but the GM's and scouts are saying he was a steal in the 2nd round. He had a great year last year, and should continue to get better.

Sam Bradford

Bradford could be a long shot to make the list next year. There are a lot of QB's who have established their selves as great players. I doubt Bradford will crack into the top 100 next season, but I hope so.

Bradley Fletcher

Fletcher had a great season, which was his first season as a full time starter. Fletcher made some great plays last season, and I am excited to see what the future holds.