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Mel Kiper confuses with his backup plan for the Rams first round pick

Mel Kiper rolled out a list of backup plans for each NFL team's first round pick. Backup plans? Kiper? Must involve a weave right? No, backup plans should teams choose to fill their second and third biggest needs. Yes, award winning stuff, let me tell you. And what does Kiper say about the St. Louis Rams backup plans?

It's hard to imagine the Rams not biting if Jones is still available, given how desperate they are for a wideout with elite size. But they could land one in Round 2 and instead target either outside linebacker or defensive tackle here. They could draft Ryan Kerrigan, or perhaps Corey Liuget, for one of those.

Stimulated? Well, like I said, that's why KIper gets paid the big bucks...and just think, that's behind ESPN's In$ider pay wall. Kiper's mock draft had the Rams picking Liguet, actually he did that in his last two mock drafts. 

Knowing the Rams the way we know the Rams, you know a defensive end will be in play with this pick. Is that what he means by Kerrigan, mistaking the Rams for having an interest in a 3-4 outside linebacker? Kiper compared Kerrigan to Rams DE Chris Long, which makes me think more that he must be thinking of a 3-4 OLB. He has to be, right? I guess he would work as a 4-3 linebacker, though it's a bit of a stretch. He's got to have his defenses confused here.