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2011 NFL Draft: Five names to know at guard/center

Sure, you've heard about the Pounceys and the big time prospects at interior lineman. However, the mid- to late-round picks are where things gets really interesting. Smart teams can find valuable players in these rounds, guys that can turn into NFL starters. Interior lineman is one of those positions where there's plenty of value to be had on days two and three of the draft. If the St. Louis Rams are looking for guards in those spots, here's five names to know.


Will Rackley, OG, Lehigh
Rackley has an April 13 visit to Rams Park. The small school prospect has been rising up draft boards, and looks like a third round pick at this point. He plays a lot more like Jacob Bell than Richie Incognito, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just signals a different direction for the RG spot.

Tim Barnes, C/G, Missouri

Barnes has been a great center in college, but he can pull well enough to play guard in the NFL. If the Rams are going to spend a pick on an interior lineman, ideally, it would be a player with the versatility to play all three interior line spots.

Rodney Hudson, C/G, Florida State

Whether or not he's big enough to play guard in the NFL is the question surrounding Hudson. His game tape shows a guy who plays with a powerful explosion and excellent movement. He might be best suited for zone blocking, but his versatility makes him attractive to any team.

John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin

Moffit's a little like Richie Incognito in that he's a big, strong interior lineman who looks like he can move even the biggest of nose tackles. And, like Incognito, he has plenty to say. The difference? The things that come out of Moffit's mouth aren't stupid.

Ray Dominguez, OG, Arkansas

Another college offensive tackle that will move inside at the NFL level, Dominguez has good explosion and the athleticism to pull. He looks in good in both pass and run blocking. Might be a useful player to grab with a late round pick...or even as an undrafted free agent.