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Draft results: More thoughts on Lance Kendricks

The St. Louis Rams surprise second round pick has gone over with Rams fans about as well as, oh, the last time the city flooded. Even those that do like the pick complain that it was a reach. It probably was. They probably could have waited until the third round. But they didn't. As the day went on McDaniels lobbied harder and harder for the pick. And I don't think it's the worst pick. In fact, I think the Rams could do some interesting things with it.

New England had one of the most potent offenses in the league last year, with less talent around their QB than the Rams have currently. Now, Sam Bradford has a long way to go before he's Tom Brady. In fact, New England's pass DVOA was the best in the league. The best. It was a stunning 72.5 percent DVOA, the next best was San Diego at 48.7 percent. 

Yes, I realize I'm comparing the Rams, THE RAMS, with the Patriots, but don't take this for granted. Give this pick a chance to work. 

Here's former Rams scout Russ Lande on the pick: 

The Rams make a good pick by grabbing TE Kendricks here as he is a very good receiving TE who is a vastly under-rated blocker.