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Rams select TE Lance Kendricks with 47th pick

So this whole Kyle Rudolph thing wasn't a joke, was it? This pick is interesting in a couple of ways. First, the Rams passed on defensive line prospects Paea and Austin (and Bowers) and a few RB's that people thought they may be interested in.

I think this pick is a good one, solely based on the need. I think people will ignore the fact that he's an athletic TE (he ran a 4.50 at his pro day) who has good hands and is willing to block. We needed receivers and now McDaniels is definitely going to try and emulate the Patriots 2 TE offense, which I have no problem with.

Like 3k said in the open thread, Bradford's favorite target was Gresham when he was in college. It really makes sense that if the Rams were looking at receiving options, they went with TE, as there really weren't any WR's that didn't have some glaring issue. Notice also last year his success with Uh Oh, and even Billy Bajema. With his comfort level with TE's, I think it's a great pick to help him grow.

Given the results Billy Devaney has gotten out of the 2nd round so far, I think we can feel good about this pick. But I do wonder who the defensive back Devaney was drooling over.