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2011 NFL Draft: Round Two open thread #1

  Last night, we had to wait for 13 picks to be announced until the Rams picked, and it seemed to last forever.  Tonight, forever last for another pick as the Rams hold the 15th pick in the second round.  The Rams' third round pick is, in mathematical terms, eight eternities and two parsecs away.

  Let's go.


Round Two

Pick Team Player
1 New England Ras-I Dowling (CB, Virginia)
2 Buffalo Aaron Williams (CB, Texas)
3 Cincinnati Andy Dalton (QB, TCU)
4 San Francisco (via trade with Denver)
Colin Kaepernick (QB, Nevada)
5 Cleveland Jabaal Sheard (DE, Pittsburgh)
6 Arizona Ryan Williams (RB, Va. Tech)
7 Tennessee Akeem Ayers (OLB, UCLA)
8 Dallas Bruce Carter (OLB, N. Carolina)
9 Washington Jarvis Jenkins (DT, Clemson)
10 Houston Brooks Reed (DE, Arizona)
11 Minnesota Kyle Rudolph (TE, Notre Dame)
12 Detroit Titus Young (WR, Boise St.)
13 Denver (via trade with San Francisco)

14 Denver
15 St. Louis

16 Oakland
17 Washington
18 San Diego
19 Tampa Bay

20 New York Giants

21 Indianapolis
22 Philadelphia
23 Kansas City

24 New England

25 Seattle
26 Baltimore
27 Cleveland
28 New England

29 San Diego

30 Chicago
31 Pittsburgh
32 Green Bay