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NFL Draft: Second round schedule & trade talk

The second round of the NFL Draft starts at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. Naturally, we plan to have you covered every which way but loose, sans the hilarious monkey, here at Turf Show Times.

Tonight, the NFL has a double feature for crazed draft fans, with both the second and third rounds on tap. Teams have 5 minutes on the clock to make their picks or work out a trade. Speaking of trades...

3k alluded to this in his earlier post, but depending on what shakes out tonight with the quarterbacks, the St. Louis Rams could be fielding a couple phone calls. Sitting behind them, the Oakland Raiders are said to fancy QB Colin Kaepernick, as are the Miami Dolphins. It seems like, based on the current draft order, that Kaepernick will be gone to one of the QB needy teams in the first 10 picks or so. If he doesn't get picked - there are lots of talented players still on the board - then the Rams' 47th pick could be an enticing spot for should either team want to make a move.

Tonight could have as much or more trade drama as last night.

I'm excited.