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Todd McShay's second round mock draft: Another receiver for the Rams

Todd McShay's second round mock draft mirrors his colleague Mel Kiper's mock draft in at least one area: both predict the St. Louis Rams to draft a wide receiver. McShay's mock draft foresees a different one, one that the Rams have had some connection with during the lead up to the 2011 NFL Draft.

Maryland receiver Torrey Smith was worked out by none other than the Rams' wide receivers coach, Nolan Cromwell, as his pro day in March. It's always notable when a team's position coach works out a prospect. Notable, but not necessarily predictive. Smith isn't my favorite of the potential second-round receivers. Sure, he possesses athletic gifts that other receivers can only hope for, but can he get separation with tools besides speed?

Smith needs time to develop, and that raises an issue for many of the receivers available for the Rams from this point on in the draft. They already have a young group of receivers that need time to develop. Mardy Gilyard was at least as well-regarded as Torrey Smith heading into last year's draft. You can be excused if you forgot he was on the team. With better circumstances (don't think he wasn't getting a copy of the playbook today) the Rams can expect more from him this year. Really, it's the same for Donnie Avery. He had a solid rookie year, got lost in the shuffle of a bad team in year two and lost his third year to injury.

Yes, the Rams need more talent at WR, but having missed out on a more sure thing like Jones or Green, why bother taking another developmental guy?