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Mel Kiper's second-round mock draft: Too far out to be accurate

Mel Kiper's second round mock draft is out, adjusted for all the picks he missed in the first round. As for the St. Louis Rams' second-round pick, Kiper's mock draft has them shifting back to offense after scoring North Carolina DE Robert Quinn last night. 

Kiper's mock draft gives the Rams Miami WR Leonard Hankerson. Citing the typical reason you'd expect: to give Sam Bradford another offensive weapon to work with. As for the Rams' other potential second-round picks, they're scattered across the round, above and below the Rams' 47th pick. 

For what it's worth, talk leading up to the draft said that the Rams have never had much value on Leonard Hankerson. Kiper's second-round mock draft had the Rams picking Hankerson at the beginning of the month, and we said the same thing then.

A few quibbles with Kiper's second round. 

  • He has DE Jabaal Sheard falling late into the round to Indianapolis. Insane. Sheard might be the best DE left on the board. He'll be a top pick in the round. 
  • Mikel Leshoure isn't going to fall to the 28th spot in the second-round, and that's where Kiper has him. Ryan Williams may very well get picked before Leshoure as draft boards start to diverge; Kiper has him at the ninth spot to Washington. 
  • He has Marvin Austin to the Bears with the 30th pick in the round. His character issues will definitely keep some teams away, like the Rams, but he's too talented to fall that far. 
  • Da'Quan Bowers gets picked by Vikings not too far before the Rams' pick. 
Kiper's mock draft for the first round didn't hit many picks, so don't take this one as gospel, just a guide. Kind of make you wonder if the guy's just not phoning it in completely on these things.