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NFL Draft Results: St. Louis Rams select DE Robert Quinn

The NFL draft results have contained plenty of surprises through the first round. The St. Louis Rams did not surprise so much as they got lucky when the picked North Carolina DE Robert Quinn. Quinn was predicted to go much earlier in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. However, a surprising run on quarterbacks pushed Quinn further down and down. 

Robert Quinn was #6 on Mike Mayock's big board. Just 20-years-old, the NFL Network draft guru calls him one of the best speed rushers in the league. 

Spagnuolo is slowly recreating the arsenal of a defensive line he had with the New York Giants, when he could send in any number of combinations along the front front. Don't be surprised to see Quinn on the field with James Hall at the three-technique next to Fred Robbins and Chris Long bookending it on the other side. That's a deadly combination. 

Think back to some of the Rams' games last year, both the blowouts and the close ones, where they had problems getting to the QB. Top offensive lines like Atlanta, New Orleans, Kansas City were able to hold them off, especially when the Rams held back their secondary and linebackers in coverage. 

Not all of the questions up front have been answered. St. Louis still needs to think about a defensive tackle, either one to play next to Robbins or potentially replace him. The rotation beyond Robbins just isn't good enough. 

Celebrate Rams fans...this is a big day, a big first round home run for the Rams. I know many of us wanted to see them draft Julio Jones, but they probably got a better pick in Quinn, certainly one with more draft value. 

This one's for all of you who were so torn over the fact that the Rams had to pass on Suh last year. 

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And just in case you doubt the power of Turf Show Times, here's from our twitter, @TurfShowTimes, we called it earlier tonight.