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2011 NFL Draft schedule - Rules of the Road (open thread #1)

(Update at 5:56pm ET by 3k: I've bumped this back up to try and keep the general draft discussion here.  Keep an eye on the Ingram situation.)

  Before we get into this tornado of emotion and speculation in real time, let's go through a couple of guidelines for this weekend and the aftermath to make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

What we're doing

  We'll be putting out open threads throughout the weekend that we'll probably cap at around 500 comments or so.  Of course, we'll also have dedicated posts for the picks themselves or any trades, should Billy Devaney decide to screw with our minds.

  The key is just to have appropriate forums for all relevant discussions.  If other teams are picking, hit the open thread.  If you hear a rumor that you haven't seen on TST anywhere, please share it in the open thread.  If you really like glazed carrots, screw it.  It's all fair game this weekend.

What you should do (please)

  First, enjoy it.  Too often, draft classes result in hair loss and an increase in self-flagellation.  Buck the trend, and recognize this is arguably the most enjoyable weekend on the NFL calendar, since it includes every team in the league.

  That being said, try to enjoy it in the main threads.  If everyone starts throwing FanPosts and FanShots out there, the conversation will get over-fragmented and incoherent.  Use the tools at your disposal: replies, recommendations or even the flag.  But be aware of what the flag is designed for.  It's not for people who disagree with you.  It's not for someone who says something stupid.  It's for commenters who make things personal, or the obvious trolls from other teams.

What else you should be following/reading

  Well, you've got Twitter feeds aplenty: Van's TST feed, my feed, T.Ram's feed, buckeyefan55's feed (sorry, buck), RamsHerd and MockingtheDraft for starters.

  In the SBN world, of course Mocking the Draft will have as much coverage as you can imagine until pick #254.  And SBN has three sites inside Radio City Music Hall, all three of whom will have Twitter feeds full of, uh, stuff: @StampedeBlue@BleedingGreen, and @GangGreenNation.

  Of course, the P-D is the epicenter of traditional reporting for the Rams.  Lucky for us, they're actually pretty damn good at their jobs.


  Am I forgetting anything or anyone?  If so, the open thread is now open.  Three hours.  Three long, arduous, painful hours.  Let's do this.  Holler.