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NFL Lockout: Bradford and McDaniels can officially meet tomorrow

The NFL is open for business...sort of. Player trades and free agency is likely to start on Monday of next week, possibly. That will depend on what the 8th circuit court decides regarding a stay on Judge Nelson's order to lift the lockout. For the St. Louis Rams, tomorrow's an important day as the league will allow teams to open facilities and for meetings between players and coaches to start, even OTAs. 

That means Sam Bradford, the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, will get his first chance to meet with the Rams' new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. McDaniels was hired in January, but because of transition time never had any formal sessions with Bradford before the lockout ended their chance to meet. 

Bradford and the receivers have been working out together in Houston, TX during the lockout. Now, they can return to Rams Park, as of tomorrow, to resume a proper offseason. Whether or not they're actually back in town tomorrow remains to be seen. 

Another thing to watch for when the business of free agency resumes: the Rams re-signing WR Mark Clayton. The two sides were said to be very close to a deal before the lockout, and Clayton has been practicing with Bradford et al in Houston.