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2011 NFL Mock Draft: TST Community Mock, Complete First Round

And we have just finished, right at the buzzer! Many thanks to everyone who contributed, selected picks, commented. The great thing about this website is that it allows people like you and me to talk about the Rams, and if it wasn't for the great community we have here, something like this never would have worked.

Instead of posting the 32nd pick by itself, hit the jump to check out all the picks, so you can get all your mock-ness at once. Enjoy!

(quick note, San Diego and Indianapolis traded picks).

Selection Reasoning
Blaine Gabbert

Unfortunately, warranted or not, Newton comes with questions of work ethic and focus, which make selecting him first overall risky.  Selecting a quarterback in this spot can make or break a franchise for the better part of a decade. Blaine Gabbert doesn’t come with these same reservations, and has the tools to become an elite pocket passer in the NFL. - Beerme

Patrick Peterson

Best prospect in the draft.  I still think Philip Rivers is the scariest threat in the AFC West and having Champ, Peterson and Cox as CBs is fairly intimidating. Imo, this is a 'having Faulk doesn't mean you don't draft Jackson' kind of pick.  The dropoff at CB is much bigger from Round 1 to Round 2 than the dropoff at DT.  Denver also has 2 picks in Round 2. -ClaytonW

Von Miller

It was either Newton or Miller, and I decided to go with Miller (if Gabbert was on the board, it would've been him though). I think the Bills definitely need a QB, but they definitely need a lot of things. The problem I have with Newton is I just don't see his success translating to the NFL.- ram_rod

A.J. Green

The Bengals have Gresham and Shipley but without T.O. and Chad Johnson they don't have a legitimate #1. AJ Green is not only the best WR in this draft but also might be the best player in this draft and has been compared to Calvin Johnson. -RG31

Robert Quinn

Although its a tough call and QB is a need Cam Newton scares me, OL is also very bad allowing 50 sacks. But I'll go DL and take Robert Quinn. -chndlr54

Julio Jones

The Browns have some average at best wide receivers, with Cribbs being the best one. Thats nice and all, but I'm sure Shurmur wouldn't mind having a play making WR. Jones would be the perfect fit in their west coast system, and their offense will finally have enough weapons to be productive. -T.Ram

Cam Newton

Questionable character and so on, but you cant ignore the fact that he's an amazing athlete and has a great arm. With new coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm, what better way to start off his tenure in winer town, having a potentially great qb fall to him at pick 7. -caliramsfan1

Marcell Dareus

New defensive coordinator Jerry Gray has expressed his desire to get bigger upfront and what better way to do that than with a 315 pound DT.  The Titans can now pair Dareus with the new upcoming star of that defensive line, Jason Jones, and create one of the top DT combos in the league. -Habte E

Gabe Carimi

At 6'7 and 314 lbs this big boy can hold his own against the some of the strongest defenders.  He offers Dallas an immediate starter on an aging, patchwork line.  This ensures that the team doesn't have to rely on Alex Barron to fill its O-line needs. -CaliRamMan

Cameron Jordan

With NFL ready strength, good size, good hands, quickness off the snap, no injury or obvious character concern, and having versatility to play in either the 3-4 or 4-3, Cameron Jordan is easily the safest pick here. -RamintheUK

Prince Amukamara

Pass defense last year was dead last in the league, and Peyton Manning is still on the schedule twice a year for the foreseeable future.  Prince is a great athlete, has top end speed and size, and doesn't have to be hidden when playing a zone.  He is also a very solid tackler.  The Texans will be ecstatic to get him at 11. -rickforking

Nick Fairley

This pick came down to Bowers and Fairley and I choose Fairley for two reasons.  1. He doesn't have an injury problem like Bowers, who some say may not be able to play next year.  2. Pat Williams is 38 so this is possibly his last year so a replacement will be needed.  Enter Fairley who provides good value here with his great skill set.  Concerns about his character and work ethic are as risky here because it is out of the top ten. -Brick Top

Tyron Smith

Jeff Backus, the Lions' starting OT, is 33 years old, and he's only got one season left under contract...the Lions need a replacement starting LT, not exactly a small need.  They can go after CB, OLB & D-line additions later in the draft. -3k

Aldon Smith

I say if we can't get a WR, then we need some explosion on the other end from Chris Long.  I will admit I may a little biased towards a player from Mizzou but still feel it is the best pick for the team with the players available. -crashoverride1

Jake Locker

What the Dolphins don't have is a legit face of the franchise. That all changes as the Fins take Jake Locker QB Washington...Jake has what it takes to be a QB that plays at a very high level for years to come. -JordansDad

Da'Quan Bowers

Fortunate that Bowers falls to them due to injury concerns, the Jags pick a guy who is by far BPA at #16 and fills a major need. I'd say most Jags fans would be ecstatic with this scenario.-stgeorgie

J.J. Watt

Despite their sack total in 2010, the team's pass rush was anything but consistent, and this pick aims to stabilize the position. Watt plays nasty, with great hands, power and footwork. Uses his long frame very well, with a nice set of pass rush moves and consistently high motor. I've heard comparisons to Justin Smith, and he's a perfect fit for the Patriots -Abrantes

Anthony Costanzo

The Colts are desperate for a legit franchise left tackle, and Costanzo appears to be the best one in the draft, getting some comparisons to Jake Long. Bill Polian has already said he regretted not taking Roger Saffold last year (thanks Bill!), so if I was him I wouldn't pass up on a chance to make sure Peyton Manning continues to play every snap. -CBPodge

 Mike Pouncey

The Giants biggest needs start at the O-line and with Smith gone, I think he's overrated anyway, I have to go Pouncey here.  They also need a good OLB, and are reported to be fond of Ayers, but I think Ayers is gone by now anyway making this pick easier. -dbcouver

Adrian Clayborn

The Bucs had one of the worst pass rushes last year mainly due to no end rushers having any talent. Adrian has slid down in his draft stock but he is still a first round worthy player. Having Clayborn and a healthy Gerald McCoy gives Tampa Bay a stout Defensive line for a long time. -DekaJ

Akeem Ayers

Ayers is just the guy for the job as he has the ability to cover the pass and rush the quarterback. If Kansas City wants to become an elite team they are going to need this. At the opposite side of Tamba Hali the Chiefs will have their future linebackers set up for a while with a lot of power and quickness. -DMan83

Muhammad Wilkerson

In the past two seasons, he's put up 126 tackles and 16 sacks. He won't be on the board when San Diego picks again, so if they want him and I think they do, he's not going to drop past them.-ram_rod

Jimmy Smith

Some teams have expressed concerns over character issues with Smith. Maybe Colorado air makes some people crazy? They need to rely on the veteran presence in the locker room being able to harness the young guy emotions. The Eagles will be lucky to fill a serious need with a top 10 talent at 23. -mooseknuckles

Mark Ingram

What they need is a solid, productive, reliable starting RB to balance their offense... Mark Ingram provides the Saints with the big-time RB they need to remain a SuperBowl caliber offense for the next several years while the rest of the offensive players are in their primes. -Midasknight

Ryan Mallet

Mallett has a great arm, no doubt about that, he has good ability to throw accurately down the field, he can run a pro-style offense, he’s good at doing drugs and he got a 26 on the Wonderlic test (average QB score is 24, so he might be ….average, then again Alex Smith got a 40, so I don't buy it). -sergey606

Justin Houston

The Raven's can't depend on Sergie Kendall coming back from his horrible head injury, Ray Lewis is getting old, and Suggs is a monster, but he can't do it all. If Houston can develop into a good rusher, the Ravens front 7 would be incredible. -T.Ram

Ryan Kerrigan

He can be ready to produce right away opposite John Abraham, creating a defensive line that's a nightmare for opposing teams.  Their offense was clearly not an issue last year en route to the number 1 seed in the NFC, and if they can start pressuring the quarterback consistently they could be one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl (if there is one). -StopSpe

Jabaal Sheard

Sheard brings much-needed viciousness and power to the team's front seven, with a well-rounded game that could give him a bigger role than any of the Patriots' current OLBs. -Abrantes

Derek Sherrod

Sherrod is a monster at his position, very strong, very accurate, the perfect fit for the Bears’ offense. If he is still there at 29, you bet this is the pick! -Rams_4_ever

Dontay Moch

He is a gifted athlete with an abundance of speed; which he used to set Nevada records with 30 sacks and 63 TFL's. Durability was a strong suit. Moch displayed a great ability to shed blocks en route to the QB. Aggressive and tenacious describe his attitude as a player. -ValdezY

Marcus Cannon

Marcus Cannon is a dominant run blocker. In 2009 he did not give up a sack. Cannon has played both tackle positions at TCU. In the 2011 Rose Bowl, Cannon kept DE JJ Watt in check. At 6'5 350# Cannon is surprisingly nimble. With his versatility Cannon brings added value to an OL that was decimated by injuries and age. -ValdezY

Cameron Heyward With half their line either arrested or a free agent, it would be a smart call to add some defensive line help. Cameron Heyward fits the bill here, but the pick could possibly be Brooks Reed. Either way, look defense for #32. -ram_rod