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The Rams 2011 First Round H.O.P picks.

The draft is only hours away. This is always an exciting time of the year, by now everyone knows the prospects the Rams are likely to draft Juilo Jones and Corey Liuget. Those could end up good players for the Rams, but what if they are already drafted by the time the Rams select with the 14th pick?

That's where the excitement begins, this could be the first draft in a long time where the Rams draft a player and make you in Deion Sanders words go hold on playa did we just pick that guy? We saw it with the Raiders when they selected Darrius Heyward-Bey, and then we saw it last year when the Jaguars selected Tyson Alualu.The players down below will be players that fit a need, but will leave you gasping for air, and have you going Hold On Playa.

Kyle Rudolph

This guy has been linked with the Rams as a second round pick since the off season started. The Rams need a consistent play maker on offense. He should be a good short to mid pass threat in the NFL. Having Rudolph would bring mismatches and help free Amendola. This pick would give Sam Bradford would have a good 3rd down threat\

But Hold On Playa: Didn't the Rams already pick two Tight Ends in the draft last season? Josh Mcdaniels don't use TE's a lot in his offense, so the Rams don't need to spend a 1st round pick on this guy

Mark Ingram

The 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram is next. The Rams need a backup for Steven Jackson, and Ingram is as good as it gets. Ingram can catch, he is a great runner, and he is a play maker. If Steven Jackson get's injured then Ingram can come and step in.

But Hold On Playa: We still have Steven Jackson so why draft another three down running back in the first round? The Rams have too many needs to draft a luxury player in Ingram.

Mike Pouncey

The Rams need help along the interior offensive line. Pouncey would be a pretty good pick for the Rams. He is the best interior lineman in the draft, and he would have been higher if he would have played exclusively guard at Florida last season. Pouncey will give the Rams some of that southern meanness on the line.

But Hold On Playa: They are saying that he isn't a great run blocker, but he has a mean streak? The Rams have a lot of money tied into their offensive, why draft another one so early?

Nick Fairley

This player used to be considered in the top 5, but lately he has been sliding down the draft positions. Fairley last season showed that he had elite talent, so if he is available with the 14th pick he could be a steal. Fairley could be a monster in Spags defense, and this could make the Rams a great defense. He can pass rush and stop the run to great effect.

But Hold On Playa: Nick Fairley might have shown great promise, but he is still a one year wonder. His character issues has caused him to fall, not the tape. Do the Rams really want to deal with this guy?

Corey Liuget

Every mock on the net has Liuget or Julio Jones going to the Rams. Liuget would fill a big need at defensive tackle for the Rams. Liuget is good against the run, and also a good pass rusher. He is active in games, and is said to have a high football IQ. He also doesn't have character issues.

But Hold On Playa: This isn't a sexy pick at all. The biggest problem I have with this guy is that, for the longest he was a 2nd round pick at best, what made him skyrocket all the way to the 14th pick?