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Draft Eve drama: Der Labor Lockout (overnight open thread)

  Nelson hath spoken!  The stay pending the injunction appeal has been denied, meaning technically, the lockout is over.  The question is what really is over and what is still, to be blunt, not happening.

  It appears that the early suggestion is that players will be allowed "access" to their teams.  Whether that is limited to facilities or if it is expanded to include health care provisions and football-related contact with their coaches is obviously yet to be seen.  I'm writing this minutes after we wrapped Turf Show Radio and roughly an hour after this news broke, so expect details in the morning.

  The real question is free agency.  With current free agents in limbo and, after the draft wraps up Saturday, a sea of undrafted free agents hitting the market, this could affect the NFL Draft...which by the way starts in less than 24 hours.

  What a mess.  If nothing else, I think we can all agree that anything that brings football closer is a good thing.  And this appears to be just that.

  West Coasters, international TSTers, fill this thread up with news and reactions overnight.  And feel free to talk draft too.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting...