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Turf Show Radio open thread


  In 45 minutes, we kick off the final episode of Turf Show Radio before the 2011 NFL Draft opens.  We'll parse through the relevant draft talk (trades with the Cowboysnot picking Julio even if he's available, Kyle Rudolph the Red Nosed Tight End, etc.), fill in the loose odds and ends, and of course take your calls.

  We'll go through the draft order to ensure everyone's on the same page as to when to expect the Rams to be on the clock.  We'll talk about weed-smoking prospects: Janoris Jenkins, Justin Houston and Christian Ballard.  We'll talk positions, prospects, strategy and Stratego.  Yes, Stratego.  Ok, we probably won't talk about Stratego, but damnit we should.

  In essence, tonight we say goodbye to the 2010 NFL calendar and welcome in the 2011 season.  In 24 hours, we'll have a new St. Louis Ram.  The league will have shifted in 32 different directions.  The balance of power in the NFC West will have been, uh, unbalanced.  So call us up!

  Just dial (724) 444-7444 and enter the show ID followed by the pound symbol (97249#).  If you're not a TalkShoe member, hit 1#, and we'll get you on the air.

  We're so close...oh so close...