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2011 NFL Draft trade rumors: More talk of a Rams swap with the Cowboys

More talk of the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams making a draft day swap for picks #9 and #14. Naturally, it's from the Cowboys' perspective, but it is still something to consider. 

Dallas, i.e. Jerry Jones, is very interested in drafting an offensive tackle; however, the ninth overall pick could be a little high since there's only one other team between them and the Rams likely to pick an offensive tackle, the Detroit Lions. Moving down to #14, they could take either Tyron Smith from USC or Anthony Castonzo from Boston College. Smith's more of a raw talent, Castonzo looks more ready to play as a rookie. Moving to #14 would makes some sense if the Cowboys are as interested in Smith as has been speculated. 

As we've said before, trading up just doesn't make much sense for the Rams. It's prohibitively expensive, likely costing a third round pick, and missing out on Jones this year is not likely to set the franchise back with the 2012 class looking like a good one for receivers...not to mention the fact that it looks like free agency will happen. 

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