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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Surprise picks for the Rams

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder for the St. Louis Rams in recent slate of 2011 NFL Mock Drafts. One situation is plausible, the other is not. Right now rumor and speculation abounds about the draft, making it even more difficult than normal to try and get a read on the situation. 

The first mock draft oddity comes from the NFL Network and their stable of analysts. In their most recent mock draft they predicted the Rams drafting Mike Pouncey with the 14th overall pick. Some insight from former Ram Marshall Faulk: 

I see Pouncey stepping in and playing guard for the Rams from the start.

Duh. But the fact remains that the Rams won't pick Pouncey given the resources already invested in the offensive line. Especially not when there will likely be defensive linemen or even Kyle Rudolph on the board at that point in the draft. 

The second scenario comes from friend of TST Evan Silva at Rotoworld, and it's a much more plausible one for the Rams. In Silva's mock, he has the Rams going with Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara. I have a hard time believing Prince would fall that far given that he might be the best defensive back in the draft (apologies to Patrick Peterson fans). 

What's interesting here is that there aren't really any surprise picks in the first 13, which makes it the scenario that much more likely...pending trades and other unknowns tomorrow night. The 49ers take Peterson who falls to #7. The other most likely landing spot, Dallas, goes for OT Tyron Smith from USC. Detroit also picks up a much needed OT, leaving Prince for the Rams...with Jones off the board.