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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Atlanta wants to trade up for Julio Jones or A.J. Green

As if the St. Louis Rams didn't have enough competition for Alabama WR Julio Jones already in front of them with the #14 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, now comes word that a team drafting well behind them wants to move up into the top ten to draft either Jones or A.J. GreenThat comes from SI's Peter King, who also acknowledges that it's unlikely. 

Atlanta has the 27th pick in the first round. They also pick in that spot through rounds 2 through 6. In round 7, they have the 27th and 28th picks. Moving up into the top ten would almost certainly cost them a second-round pick, probably a later round pick too which might be worked out through some finagling of later picks. 

Another curve ball in the draft is the status of the lockout injunction. Free agents are already shopping around their services, though no teams will sign them at this point. If the court or the league clarifies whether or not the league year has started, it could throw an extra wrinkle into draft trades as teams look to include players. Don't look for the league to move on that unless ordered, and each team, though they technically can operate under their own rules, has towed the league line perfectly through this whole mess (ironic since they claim the players are acting as a union even through decertification).