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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 27

With the 27th pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Atlanta Falcons, represented by StopSpe, select:

Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

StopSpe gives us the reasoning behind the pick:

The Falcons really need to get somebody who can get after the quarterback and create turnovers.  They were very average last season in that department, getting only 31 sacks and forcing just 12 fumbles.  Kerrigan does both of those things very, very well.  He can be ready to produce right away opposite John Abraham, creating a defensive line that's a nightmare for opposing teams.  Their offense was clearly not an issue last year en route to the number 1 seed in the NFC, and if they can start pressuring the quarterback consistently they could be one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl (if there is one).

Ryan Kerrigan is a good pick here. Abraham isn't getting any younger and the Falcons could use some extra pass rushing potential.

The Patriots are now on the clock, represented by Abrantes.

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