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Turf Show Radio pre-draft edition - tomorrow night, 9:30pm ET

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  We're less than five dozen hours away from the beginning of the NFL Draft (note: I measure all things in my life in dozens of hours.  I should have my truck paid off in about 331 dozen hours.).  So tomorrow night at 9:30pm ET, we wrap up all the pre-draft talk with another Wednesday edition of Turf Show Radio.

  We'll go over the rumors (KYLERUDOLPHAPOCALYPSE!), more name games, and everything else related to the Rams' 2011 draft.  The call in and show info is the same: (724) 444-7444 and show ID 97249.  Hit us up and tell us why the Rams should draft Cam Newton.  No seriously, if you think we should, please call us.  I have some DVD Rewinders I'd like to sell you:

311czyuodkl (via)

  So hit us up and let's yak up the draft.  We're about to get some answers to the questions we've been asking for months.  Holler.