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Poll: Will the St. Louis Rams trade up in the 2011 NFL Draft? Should they?

Trading up or down in the NFL Draft evokes a passionate reaction from fans this time of year. What a huge surprise, right? Making those big time draft day trades, i.e. the ones that juggle first round picks can make all the difference for a team's success or failure in the draft, not to mention the long-term success of a franchise.

With the ideal prospect based on their needs and draft positions dangling in front of him in the first round, St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney has a big decision to make about whether or not making a move up for Alabama WR Julio Jones is worth the cost of sacrificing picks further down in the draft, likely the Rams' third round pick. Of course, with Jones off the board, the Rams could just as easily make the case for trading down in the draft, nabbing a DT who fills a need or possibly even Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph, as is the trendy rumor.

Will Devaney and the Rams make a trade, be it up or down? Devaney hasn't made any first round swaps with the Rams, not surprising since the two second overall picks and a first overall pick are pretty much impossible to trade. During two drafts with the Falcons, as right-hand man to Rich McKay, the Falcons' first round trades all involved current NFL players. The lockout probably won't be resolved enough for anything like that to happen this year. In 2006, the Falcons did trade second-round picks with the Packers.

So will this be the year Devaney makes his first swap as the Rams' GM?

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